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90 Day Planner

This 90-day daily goal planner is the BEST! I’ve been through planner after planner, searching for one that meets my needs. I am able to keep focused on what matters, break down my goals and then “live it out” with the monthly and daily pages. The encouragement to focus on simple habits keeps me on track to live on purpose each day.


Happy Juice

I was introduced to Happy Juice by my daughter in the summer of ’23. My world was muted, fuzzy, grey, exhausted. I started taking the 3 supplements which together make up “happy juice”. Say HELLO to happy mood, stable energy, motivation, improved digestion, improved sleep, mental clarity, improved stress resilience…I’m back to living in color again!!

Prayer Journal

I am a long-time prayer warrior; however, I was not doing a good job of managing my prayers. This prayer journal gives me enough structure to keep me focused, while being flexible enough to let me customize it to my needs. I find I am actually praying for people who have asked me to pray for them, I’m able to track requests+answered prayers, I’m leaning more into prayer+faith (rather than anxiety) and ultimately, using this journal is deepening my relationship with God.

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I’m Jan, an RN, clinical research manager, who after a 40+ year career in healthcare has discovered the connection between gut health and mental wellness. Mind officially blown! I’m on a mission to share my journey + information I learn to help other women, mothers and grandmothers find their wellness too. On a heartfelt note, I’m also championing Alzheimer’s research and raising awareness through my passion project. A portion of my personal sales goes towards this cause, in honor of my mother who’s living with the disease. Your support truly means a lot.  Say hi and let’s connect – we’re in this together! 


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