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5 Things to Never Say to Someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia
💜 1. Don’t tell them they are wrong about something.
💜 2. Don’t argue with them.
💜 3. Don’t ask if they remember something.
💜4. Don’t remind them that their spouse, parent or other loved one is dead.
💜 5. Don’t bring up topics that may upset them.
I can tell you…I’m a nurse and I’ve still had to learn some of these the HARD way! ⁣
# 4 – I’m just going to call it out. I will never forget the day, I gently reminded mom that dad had passed, she was asking over and over when he’d come home, we’d had the conversation before and I gave the honest answer, gently, just like I’d done before…⁣
only this time it was different⁣
It was like it was the first time she’d learned of it. The shock. The grief. It was awful. ⁣
I promised God, myself and my family right then and there, at that stoplight in Brentwood, that I would never do that to her again. ⁣
So you learn to say things like:⁣
“I know you want to see him mom, I haven’t seen him today. When I see him, I’ll let him know you are looking for him.”⁣
She usually looks back at me sweetly, looks relieved and just says “thank you”. That’s really all she needs. And we move on to another topic. ⁣
Note: these “5 Things” are excerpted from an article on “usagainstalzheimers.org”. Message me if you’d like the link and I’ll send it to you. ⁣